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Fritted Trace Elements

Fritted Trace Elements are designed to add a spectrum of different trace elements to compost.

Fritted Trace Elements

One of the best ways of adding micronutrients to potting compost or soil. FTE’s (Fritted Trace Elements) are glass frits with specific minerals formulated into them. Because they normally¬†dissolve slowly over a period of 24 months, nutrients are not flushed out rapidly by rain or watering systems.¬† M&CT has five formulations available.

  • 2774 Includes potassium and is used for general nursey stock and pot plants
  • 2855 A balance of six trace elements and is used for bedding plants, chrysanthemums, poinsettias, lettuce, tomatoes and pot plants
  • 5040 Formulated as 2855, but with reduced molybdenum
  • 4155 Has a high iron content with other elements excluding potassium
  • 5004 High potassium, for adding to peat and use on a wide range of crops

Other formulations available, but not in regular production.

  • 4114 An iron rich glass
  • 4116 A zinc and iron rich glass
  • 4117 A potassium borate glass
  • 4118 A copper rich glass
  • 4268 Faster acting FTE releasing minerals over 12 months. Contains no potassium and can be used for general nursery stock, pot plants and bedding
  • 5000 A high iron with a balance of trace elements
  • 5002 A high zinc glass that will release in under 12 months

FTE’s can be formulated for specific requirements.